Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love? What is it good for? Everything in fantasy.

I am an idiot. And for this reason I apologize to any and every girl that I have ever dated.

With that out of the way I would like to say something about Love, Happiness, and everything in between, because don't most of us associate love with happiness or vice versa? It seems to be the trend these days but what is worse is how many of us actually know what it is? Hell, I don't! I thought I did but now I have figured out what it is that made me think certain things about what love and happiness actually was.

Films. Books. TV.

How many times have we all ventured into our mind to create this endless fairy-tale montage of images of what we want our love life to be like? How did those ridiculous images get there anyway? I just told you that less than a paragraph ago.

I wished that it hadn't taken some cheesy movie for me to realize this but it's so true. Love and happiness, for a lot of people, can be summed up in almost every movie that we see on TV. The boy meets the girl at a dance or a social event. They spot each other from across the room and instantly they know they are supposed to be with each other. They don't even speak. The two of them end up outside of the part and find their way into sucking on each others faces and then of course there is some fighting but they always work it out in the end.


That is why I am an idiot. That is why I apologized. Every time you ask someone to describe to you what love actually is you can find that same thing in a book or listen to it while watching a movie. I am convinced that people can't describe love for themselves anymore. I speak from experience. Love and happiness are things that only exist in our wildest dreams it seems like. Could this be a reason for such high levels of divorce? I am not saying it is, just saying it would be a possibility.

Now I am not saying love doesn't exist and one day I might be so lucky but it is just funny to think that everything everyone has ever told me about how they "knew" and that it was "fate" were things I have had the pleasure of hearing the same things from Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, and even Patrick Dempsey. I don't believe them anymore though. We all need to make our own ideas of what we want, what we love, and what makes us happy.

Because in the end, if we can't find our own true happiness, what else is there?