Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's just one of those things

Recently I received a paper that was about the Holocaust. Although it was titled as such, it was not just about THE Holocaust we are all familiar about; the one found in the torn apart pages and poorly bound textbooks that we read when in grade school. This one talked about the general idea of it. Everyday we go about our business and notice the intolerance, bigotry, and impatient ideas that this country was founded on....oh wait. Ha they WEREN'T founded on that huh? My bad. But I have found myself over the past few months fighting a religious Holocaust with people who are my close friends but don't see eye to eye. It's funny how much "guff" one can receive when an idea or a muse just doesn't match with the rest of the world. I never really understood why.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my friends. You know who you are. But I just don't understand why it gets to the point where the progression of friendship has to actually stop because of differences of ideas. The point I reached literally was a rock and a hard place. Both places are not pleasant to be in and finally it came down to what was I willing to give up. After 24 1/2 years what was I going to stop doing? you can guess it was, well, nothing. I gave up nothing. I didn't work my ass off this long to just give up. That is not the way I was raised. Too many people give up because it is hard and does not work for them right now. I am sorry that is how you feel. But maybe what we can do instead of forcing other people to join the Holocaust of words and impatience we should go ahead and just embrace our friends for who they are. Because if they haven't left us high and dry and stopped being our friends because of the differences between us, then why should we be the ones to start down that road?

Friday, July 10, 2009

A very long journey

It has been a while since I ventured onto my blog. I am hoping to keep it updated for most people and hope that soon people will actually look at it. So many things have gone up and down. Friends betrayal, engagements, awesome vacations around the country, and multiple friends coming out of variations of buildings with a metal band around their finger. I often ask myself, "why do you continue to do these things to me? I love you unconditionally and am willing to do anything for you yet you throw me out like a disobedient puppy." Too many times have I been hurt but you know what? I have created so many memories. My friends of years past still continue to love me for the goofy, cynical, narcissistic person that I am and we laugh for hours on end. It makes life worth it and it shows my true side. Because let's face it; in the end if we are not honest with ourselves, then what else matters?