Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Bombast Helps Me Relax

What’s wrong with the world? Too much to blog about that is for sure. Though many of you know me and my personality can be a little undesirable and downbeat at times, I still am trying to figure out what the world has come to.

As a religious person, in any religion, I am drawn back to the saying “the signs of the times,” but it still doesn’t answer the unfriendly and distasteful disasters that are going on around us. We attacked another country, that’s a big one. Why we did I still haven’t heard a good answer about that yet. I know it has something to do with a bad guy, like always, but as I talk to the same people who put Bush down for his attacks are not saying the same things about this Obama character. Why? Again, I continue to ask the people I associate with these questions and they can’t really justify the actions of them or their liberal counterparts. Too bad really, I thought maybe they could make me feel stupid again like they did many years ago. Personally, I think the best part is now people are asking Obama to give back is Nobel Peace Prize. The saying I am drawn back to this time is “for the win!”

So besides that, I continue to have an internal struggle with the oil prices. It seems to me that when gas is high, people spend less money on the necessities and wants of life. High gas = less vacations, less spending on living expenses (food, clothing, upgrades on the home to maybe expand the living situation for the addition of another family member), less of everything. This strains the economy, causes inflation of prices and tempers, and is really so inconvenient. SO . . . with this in mind, and with my very limited knowledge of economy and math, it seems like maybe lower gas prices might promote more spending which in turn, wait for it, helps, sustains, and strengthens the economy. Of course these liberal-hippy-pot-smoking-tofu-eating non-wipers won’t let us drill in America. Now, please consider this; these are the same people who think it’s bad to milk a cow because it hurts them. I would love to discuss THAT part of this further if any of you want to go at it. I may not know much about anything but I know enough about dairy farms to put you to shame.

That’s all. I just wanted to write a little bit and this has been a great way to do it since I can’t get paid to make useless comments. I guess for now I will just do it this way and lose everyone’s respect for free.

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