Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where have all the scary movies gone?

This week has been a week of movie discussion and debate. I went to the movie theaters as well as had a back-and-forth argument about some of the best scary movies of all time. This does include bloody as well as your classic thrilling, climactic ending but it made me think, where have all the good scary movies gone?

Great question, Alex! You bring up such a good point. Mainly this was brought up because I went and saw Insidious this week. It was a fun movie. They used a common scare tactic but it was more cheesy than scary and that was the scratchy violin, or whatever it usually is. There were a couple of scenes that made me jump, reminded me of the old Halloween movies a little bit. I almost expect a goat to start talking at one point of the movie though! (I hope some of you reading this get this reference.) This isn’t a movie review though. It is meant for all the fans of being scared out there.

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark looks really good! I am excited because it seems like a movie that will grab me because of its director, (Guillermo del Toro is directing it). Finally! Too long have I covered my head and plugged my ears only to see disappointment on the screen. Too often has the girl next to me grabbed my arm only to be followed by a shaking of disappointment from me. I just want a classic movie to come out and make me lose sleep. Is this too much to ask? I might be.

If any of you have some recommendations, please let me know. I also enjoy a cheesy one every once in a while too.

In addition to this, how many of you would like me to start posting parts from my books/stories on here to read? It might be pleasing to your eye-holes.

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