Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To My Mother

This is a few days late, but it's hard to put into words the love for your mother, right?

For me, Mothers Day doesn't compare to the other 364 days I think about her and how she has helped me.

Mothers are there emotionally, when all other fail. They lift our spirits and guide us without us even knowing where it is we are going. Mothers will continue to love and give even after everything has been taken by their kids. Their graciousness knows no bounds. There are times when we want to give up, but mom won't let us. She keeps that fire inside burning strong and bright for us to fuel off of. They don't want to be in the limelight, they just want their kids to be successful, blessed with the riches of life, but more than that, they want us to be happy. When all else ceases and life begins to fail, when the sadness and frustration is at a point of eruption, when the world stands still, our mothers will be there to take us into their arms.

I don't think there is any force in the universe stronger than the love of a mother. Their love could shift the universe we live in. Each action they take is for the good of everyone they love. No selfishness involved. There is a reason that men cannot compare to woman in any way. They are mothers, and that is the strongest force.

My fondest memory of my mom was the night before I left for my mission. The two weeks prior to that, I spent most of the time spending time with old friends and visiting with them. I remember almost nothing of those days though. What I do remember is sitting with my mom, playing cards, both of us too nervous to sit still, but neither of us wanting to admit it. We spoke of life, of the past, and of God and knowing that there is something greater out there. We spoke of the greatness of the church and some of our greatest accomplishments. I will never forget that night. I think of it often as I recount some of the fondest memories that inhabit the deepest parts of my mind.

My mom is my foundation in this life. My life is driven by my obsession to make her proud. My dad taught me the blessings of hard work, but my mother taught me to pursue and to be strong. That my belief in the Lord and finding true happiness in this life is what is most important.

When I marry, mom, I hope I can take just one of your skills. Just that, and I know I will have a successful marriage. You are an angel sent to this earth to take care of us and make up for our shortcomings.

I love you mom!

Mothers Day is every day of the year, don't you forget it.

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