Friday, August 12, 2011

Hooray a Lockout!

Mr. Jeffrey Gordon Crowther and myself have decided that we should go into business together. That business, you might ask? Well, it's the business of awesome. And a few smart-ass remarks against the other person.

What we want to do is  chat about what we know best. Sports. I know, you were probably thinking relationships or glitter toes but maybe we will save that for another blog. It is basically a point, counter-point type scenario, but for the first one we will both agree on one thing: Lockouts are really cool for the sporting world.

Here is what Jeff has to say:

Professional sports are a joke of a business. Every deal they make to continue
playing is just a postponement of another lockout. The way these leagues are ran
and organized is pathetic in my mind and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

The players union is ridiculous and needs to be done away with. Take for example
the NBA. If I were David Stern, I would say fine, we will find other players to play if
you don’t want to play under our rules. Go over to Europe and find somewhere else
to play basketball. They don’t have to play in the NBA if they don’t feel like they are
getting treated fairly.

I am not rooting for the owners in this situation either. Owners need to realize
that it’s a business. Unless you own the Lakers, it’s not a great business to have.
It’s more of a status for billionaires to own a professional sports team. If you are
expecting to make the revenue from the Milwaukee Bucks like you did from your
real estate empire, guess again! I think the owners should do just that. Own their
team. Take care of it, hire and fire people and do what owners do. They don’t need
a say in what goes down with the next collective bargaining agreement, and neither
do the players.

David Stern is the commissioner. He needs to form a group, or a governing body,
or some type of organization that can decide what is best for the NBA. If the owners
don’t like their decisions, they can sell their team and someone else can buy it. If the
players don’t agree with the rules, Lithuania awaits you! Heck, enjoy some vacation
while playing over in Europe. What I am tired of is both owners and players arguing
over billions of dollars saying it’s not fair for their side. They don’t have to play
in the NBA and they don’t have to own a professional sports team. This sense of
entitlement is un-American and is what plagues our nation today.

What the real problem is with these lockouts is that how many people behind the
scenes are losing money because of these morons. The front office workers who
get cut hours because there is nothing for them to do, the professional trainers who
can’t even meet with a player during a lockout, the facility managers who are left
to dry because there are no summer training camps are the ones that are suffering.
The people who actually need the money are the ones being spat on by these silly
lockouts. I pray that college athletes never get paid because then eventually they
will form a union and then we will have a lockout in the only thing worth watching
nowadays, college sports.

My point will come later in the weekend. Will you be surprised by what I have to say? Probably not.

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