Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lockout Continues!

Here is my take on the lockout, Mr. Jeff. Also, I have reached my 1,000 page viewing. Thank you for supporting my nonsense!

My take on the lock out is parallel of what Mr. Crowther thinks. It’s absurd, stupid, moronic, ignorant, stupid, and just plain stupid. I wish I could grab ahold of Kevin Durant and slap him across his stupid face. Here is what he said in the NY Times when talking about revenue and revenue sharing:

"We're going to stand up for what we have to do, no matter how long it's going to take.”

What does that mean? Does that mean that the league is wrong for taking some of the money of the players to try and give others who actually WORK for a better chance at a more substantial living? Is it wrong to try and lower ticket sales amongst other financial charges around the league?
With last year’s big free agency ordeal, over 20 owners of NBA teams lost money. This was because players like LeBron James thought he needed more money because he’s so good. The only thing he needs is a bigger headband to cover his large forehead. I mean, is he going for the black Bret Michaels look here? Hey LeBron, instead of asking for more money, finish a game and earn the money you’re already making. Do any of these players deserve raises?  I’m sure some of them are hard workers on the court and really do deserve a big paycheck. I can think of a few, but amongst the hundreds of players, those are good odds. I am dumbfounded that these players are striving so hard to get more money while EVERYONE around them loses.

Owners want to reduce the players’ guaranteed basketball revenue by less than 3%, which will amount to around $500 million over the next five years. To those players with their large salaries and even some product contracts, this will be just a tiny thing for them. Nothing more than a 1-yard desert in an oasis of money.

As Jeff pointed out, those losing are the people who never make it to the camera (besides the court-cleaning boys) and they have to depend on this money all year round. The players only get paid from November 13 through April 30, so they won’t be missing out on any money. Heaven forbid that some of the most powerful people in the entrainment industry give up less than 1% of their fortune to help people who are already struggling during a crappy economy. Does anyone else find it funny that in one year we have a lockout in the NBA, NFL, and a debit deficit debacle? I am tired of these lazy, good-for-nothing ninnies complaining about only have four cars while their neighbor has five. Holy cow that must be SO hard.

But this isn’t a political issue. This shouldn’t even BE an issue!

NBA players, remember when the game was fun? Remember when you played for the passion? For the fans?

We do. We do.

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