Friday, September 23, 2011

World of Dreams Part Deux

This is from two years ago, but it is the most vivid, real, unnerving and memorable dream I have had in my life. This one does not need a title for it would not do the psychotic of it justice. Sorry for the length. I hope you do read it.

It all started on a very beautiful afternoon in what looked to be an area near Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake. The houses around were really nice. Everything was very new too, and you could tell because the trees were still small. Just a gorgeous day altogether. I was playing kickball with friends or family, this I do not remember. And all of a sudden I just booted this ball almost a mile. Not like Uncle Rico can throw a pigskin over the mountain. In the dream, this literally went over a mile. We were stunned! Of course I did it so I had to get it.

So as I made my trek down the street, the slop began to pick up a bit. I couldn't imagine this kind of hill being safe for little children to ride their bikes on! Who thought of this terrible idea!

Finally, I made it to the spot where the ball had landed. It was a church. Just a very normal church besides the fact that it was huge. I thought it might be a temple/church combo. But it was just a church. Little did I know it held much more.

So I went inside and noticed there was a huge ward party there and a girl I had dated years ago was in there too, along with an old high school buddy. When I saw the girl, she ran over to me and started kissing me. She said how much she missed me and wanted me back. I really didn't know what to say so I went off with my friend to talk about it. What came next actually makes me wonder how my brain could come up with such beauty.

We walked out the back door onto a concrete patio. I thought it weird a church had a patio, but what I saw after that took over my thoughts. The patio overlooked a canyon that was almost 5X the span of the widest part of the grand canyon. This thing was monumental. It was so deep that even the top layers that were touched by the sun were still dark. The immensity filled everything as far as I could see. It went off into both directions. How i didn't notice this on my drive up was very perplexing. The next stop for my eyes were the mountains. They were HUGE! I mean the size of these mountains made Mt. Everest look like the Appalachians. They stretched so far up I could not see the tops. A deep, heavy set purple eminated from them too. Purple mountains. Just like the song.

To top it off, even though it was day, I could see every star in the sky behind them. The Milky Way was a mesh of blue, purple, pink and white that stretched behind the canyons that were between the mountains. The true beauty of it, I feel I am not talented enough a write to describe it. But, go look at any time-lapse photos of the milky way and that will start to give you an idea.

So after I had witnessed this confusing artistry, I turned and saw my friend was gone. The door I came out was locked so went into another door. As soon as I was inside, I saw that it was just one long hallway. No other doors or windows. One door, all the way at the other end and the one I came in. I really had no place to go besides to the next door.

Walking closer I saw a nurse sitting next to a table that had a silver platter with a huge covering over it. She was not a sexy nurse (creepos) but just an old fashioned nurse from around the 50s era. Pretty, but a little weird.

As I made my way near her and to the door, she motioned with her head towards the door as if to ask me if I wanted through. I said I did and she lifted the covering on the tray to reveal a head. Not a human head, the head of a creature, almost wanting to be human. It had a pointed skull, almost like the point of a sword had gone through it but not protruded from the opposite side. It's eyes were red, skin an off white color as if it had taken the color of sour milk. The eyes just looked up at me.

And I woke.

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