Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The world of Dreams

I think while I am on a writing hiatus till I catch up with all my jobs I have (3 part time jobs) I want to let everyone into my psychotic mind: I am posting some dreams. Some people think they have nightmares. That is a normal occurrence for me. Every night I have at least one "nightmare" but they don't really freak me out anymore. I'm like Stephen King without the talent. This one is my most recent. No title. Maybe Vampires and Divorce.

It was at an abandoned, very old, two-story farm house in the middle of who knows where. Whatever was growing there before, wasn't. There was just a large batch of forest that was the background to this paint-peeling box with windows. I began walking up to the house and could see that the lights were on in every room in the house. My first though was my family decided to waste energy. The stars were bright. I could not believe how vibrant the milky way was. It was a swirl of purple and blue mixed with dots of white.

As soon as I placed my foot on the first step of the stairs up to the deck, I felt the numerous hairs on my neck stand up. That's a lot of hair, too. Suddenly a rush came out of the door and slammed into me. I look around to see what it was and I see the dark blur go around the corner. Conveniently, there is an axe located just next to the steps. I grab it and sprint as fast as I can.

Without thinking, as soon as I turn the corner, I bring the axe up to strike. It just happens to be a vampire. An ugly one. Not the sparkly kind. Every tooth on his already bloody face is a fang. Each is so unnaturally sharp, he had to have taken his own tooth-file to sharpen them. His eyes are wide and dark. There are no whites to them, just the darkness of hell ready to burst forth in a fury of blood and violence. He sees me and lunges with uncanny speed. I guess I am much faster because I bring the axe down and remove his head. It was like cutting through warm butter. No sounds of bone just the sound of gurgling and death. Time to wake up.

More vampires on the roof.

There are at least 20 vampires starring down at me. They are not happy with what I have done. I guess they have friends now? I run into the forest at blazing speed. Who knows where I am going. I sure don't! I just run and stumble upon to my house again, yet it is vampire free. No lights, except in the living room. I rush in with my dripping axe and see my friend, sitting there. He looks as if he is about to turn into a vampire.

"She left me, Alex. She left me. Just decided that it was all done and would send me papers in the mail. She wanted to go to Europe and model. Just. . .left. How. . ." He trailed off, quietly.

I don't know what to do. I hear the screams of the dead reverberating through the forest. They are closer. An axe, a divorcee, and 20 vampires heading my way.

He looks up from the floor, tears streaming down his face.

"What do I do, Alex?"

Suddenly I feel selfish. Here is my best friend in the lowest moment of his life and all I can think about is saving the world from these blood-sucking vultures. That is selfish, right?

At this point I wake up. I don't shoot out of bed, just casually open my eyes and think, "What the hell?"

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