Friday, December 9, 2011

David Stern: Real Men of Weakness

In the past two days I have realized a couple thing:
1) LeBron is an idiot.
2) Every team involved with the 3-team trade got screwed.
3) The Hornets worst of all.
4) David Stern has lost control of his situation.
5) Shane Elton is going to lose in Fantasy Football.

My date last night was interrupted by a update from ESPN saying that Paul was to go to the Lakers. I was excited for Paul but not happy because I hate the Lakers. That being said, I kept looking up to see who was going where, rumors of Howard going somewhere, Chandler...blah blah blah. Twitter was blowing up with updates and I thought, WOW, finally the Hornets are going to be able to be a team again with these guys they will pick up.

Not to happen.

The Hornets are league owned. When this happened, Stern told Dell Demps, the GM of the Hornets, he would be able to trade freely amongst the league and run his team. This trade would have benefited the Hornets due to the fact they were getting Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Lamar Odom and Dragic and a first round draft pick. Since Paul has told the team he will not resign at the end of the year this means one things for the Hornets: They have no one without this trade.

Poor team. Losing arguably the best point guard in the league. Had they lost him in this deal, it would have been great. But Stern was bullied into it by the other league owners. Or maybe he wasn't, maybe he was making a move of his own evil will. Neither way really helps his case. Owners have been vetoing trades since the dawn of time. Why not veto the LeBron deal? That man turned down loyalty to Cleveland AND the biggest stage in all of basketball by not going to New York. Instead, he wanted help, and even with it, he didn't attain perfection. Wade was better off without James.

Now that we worked through this lockout, I thought the drama was over. Small revenue teams now get the chance to bring in big name players and help their teams/sales/whatever. Now? It seems they still get nothing since Overlord Stern has lost all control of his minions. The rich continue to get richer. Think of this: The Lakers just signed a deal with Time Warner for $3 Billion over the next 20 years. That's $150 Million a year! You know how many Kobes, Howards, Pauls or LeBrons they could get with that money? Enough.

What do the Hornets get? What about small market teams?

Is there another word for nothing?


  1. Owners were able to pressure Stern to veto the deal because they own equal shares of the Hornets...which is not the case with LeBron and the Cavs. It may also be harder to recoup their investment in the Hornets without a marquee superstar.

  2. I understand the thing of LeBron, it's mostly a moot point of apples to apples as far as super stars go. I know they would have never vetoed something like that but I understand once The season is over and Paul leaves, the Hornets will be down to nothing. At least this way they get some solid players, some up and coming, plus first round picks. That is very fair to building a team. On the opposite side, as a league, you could hope that having Paul on your team would bring high-caliber players. But i don't think that will happy. I see paul gone at the end of the season.