Saturday, September 5, 2009

And Boom goes the....players careers.

What do Brandon Marshall, T.O., and Manny Ramirez have in common? Answer: They are athletes duh. But really I have been following these and other players around the league and I am so disturbed by what has happened. Marshall deserves to be traded out of there. What he did was uncalled for and the players on the team should have been in his face, telling him to stop. Kicking the ball in the stands and making the ball boy go get it? Not only is he disrespecting the program now but also the program that has been built around him for the past several decades. For every team who plays against the Dodgers, fans are glad to have Manny in left field. His half-effort is probably due to the fact that his pants are too big and his hair isn't aerodynamic enough.

I think I agree with Mike and Mike this time when they say that kids these days need to find new heroes to look up to. I can't stand, time and time again, these players getting another chance to prove themselves and then botching it. W

But I do guess I owe you players a thank you. You are getting paid millions of dollars to entertain the population and so you do. You continue to entertain me and the whole world with all the ridiculous antics. So thank you for living up to your calling.

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