Friday, September 18, 2009

The sports world as we know it

If I could describe the sports world in one sentence it would be this one: The sports world as we know it is full of a bunch of reactionists.

OK so that is not a real word but it fits. With recent events this football season I see a lot of people jumping on band wagons and turning on teams who have established a name for themselves.

I started noticing this trend during fantasy football. This is my first year and after week one I able to get my fair share of people jumping to players who had a good week one. It's only week one. I think there are at LEAST two weeks in the NFL Football season, though I could be wrong.

Looking around I see that people are fans of the 'Canes now. Ok. Where were you the past 8 years? Harris looks good. He is a QB that, so far, seems cool. Not just cool like high school jock cool, but he can keep his composure and deliver when the team needs it.
Since their 2001 National Championship, the team has put together sub-par seasons, posting a little over .500 some seasons and just altogether ugly football during others. But did you know the Hurricanes holds the longest home win streak with 58? Or that they have more 1st round selections in a single draft? That is OK though because people don't care about tradition when you are losing. We are a society that wants it now. No time to wait. If you can't produce now then get out.

Now the big story of the season is the Sweatervest. Since Jim Tressel replaced John Cooper in 2001 he has become a big deal. His team has played for three National Championships winning one. As of 2006 he has 12 coach of the year awards and is third in overall wins with 196 behind Bowden and Paterno. Teams struggle, but when you have a guy who has produced 7 out of 9 years you can't give him grief after such a short time. I think he still has the answer but that answer relies in his trust in the players he coaches. He needs to let his playmakers make the big plays. If he doesn't then what is the point of recruting such talent? I watched both games and if they can get into a rhythm. . .well they will be established again as a great team. As we saw last night, when everyone said they wouldn't beat Toledo, his big players stepped up.

Basically give the programs time. Even if it's a year or two. Maybe this is the year for Miami, maybe Boise State will get another big game since Utah and BYU lost. Or maybe the guys who run the BCS will all simultaneously have strokes and die and everything will be right in the world.

But that's my opinion.

(most stuff I found on wikipedia on Tressel. And a blog I can't seem to find to give reference.)

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