Saturday, September 5, 2009

OK BYU. . .I am a believer.

This past week has brought many different stories with football. The Oregon guy connecting a pretty good punch. Favre throwing a pretty brainless block, which to be fair, let's go ahead and blame the coach for that one. You really don't put your star player in harms way during a stupid playoff game. Of course for me, it was seeing the Aggies actually put up some points against a high powered Utah Utes. But if you are a Mountain West Conference man, or woman, then you are loving the fact that the Brigham Young Cougars puts down the Oklahoma Sooners.

I will be honest, for the first 13 minutes I was impressed with BYU. After that I saw Bradford put one into the end zone and thought that maybe he was going to go ahead and take the game over. I was SO wrong. Oklahoma ended up with over nine flags during the game and three of them came in their first drive. They did look sloppy. Also, Oklahoma which is the number one offense in the country decided not to live up to that title. BYU held their run game and didn't look tired all game. Even before Bradford went down, the number one pass efficiency leader for the last two years didn't look like the Heisman winner that we all know him to be.

I do have to say that I am not satisfied with the way the Cougars held onto the ball. They treated it like a loaf of bread. This is not grocery shopping for grandma here. That ball is your baby. Protect it. And let us not forget the red-shirt punter for the Cougs'. He really earned his paycheck today. Giving some 45+ yard punts and putting one inside the 1-yard line.

Seeing BYU hold Oklahoma for three downs, get a flag, then hold them for three more and have the Sooners settle for a field goal made my heart throb with happiness. I will admit that Max Hall played an amazing game and showed his true colors. For being 2-15 against ranked non-conference opponents I thought for sure the Sooners would dominate this game. Boy was I wrong. . .but boy, am I OK with it.


  1. For those that want to say, "Yeah well, Bradford got hurt" I don't think you can take away what byu's defense did. They looked fast and physical. Watch out mwc.

  2. Even with Bradford in they didn't look good. If he had stayed in I believe that the same outcome would have happened. But BYU owes its win to its defense. They were pretty amazing.