Thursday, June 23, 2011


March 21, 2012

It's Z-day plus, well it's has been over a year at least. Guess the Mayans were kinda close. I am trying to look back into my journal entries to see how many days have gone by but I just don't care. I am tired, worn out, almost ready to give up. Positive thing though, at least I haven't heard one of those ambitious bastards pounding on our doors for a few days now. You hear the pounding at first and it scares you, then it turns into ambient noise, then you get so damn annoyed by them you just go out and put a few bullets in as many as you can, which in turn draws more towards you. I've become an excellent marksman to say the least.

I fear that these might be the last few days for me. Z-day came and continues to trudge forwards, eating up (literally) everyone in its path. There were more of us but, they were a lot more stupid than I was. There are four of us held up in this isolated cabin we now call home. I was hypothetically prepared for this day. My friends and I had played every game, went over every scenario in our heads, and read too many books to count on zombies. It was just for fun but who knew it would turn into something like this, something real. Damn zombies.

I kept journal entries over the past year or so of the people I have met, tried to save, tried to kill me, who I tried to kill, and who I successfully killed. Wow, that was a mouthful wasn't it? I figured zombie killing was easy. Not even close. One thing I have found out though; bullets will fade away, but machetes, swords, or really big knives last a lifetime. You just gotta sharpen them on some bones once in a while. They do the job. A nice 9-iron will do the trick if you wanna gain some space, too. Be careful of your slice though.

Humor is all we have at this point, and food. We stocked up to the brim on our stops on the way up to the cabin. I wasn't dumb. Others, I can't say the same for them. We're cozy for now. More of them keep appearing, which is weird considering how isolated we are. It has to be a smell issue. That's all we've been able to figure out. All I know is that the days are getting longer but life expectancy is growing shorter. Just a few more weeks and we should be home free.

Man, these things are annoying.

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