Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Equation

I'm washing the dishes this morning and I think to myself: is there an equation to finding someone who is right for you? How does it work?

The reason I ask these questions is there are common occurrences all over the world of one person telling the other person how they feel. They really like them and feel a connection. But once they tell this person their inner wants and desires things actually go the opposite way. The quiet guy or girl goes after someone they love but get put in the friend zone. That person they want is chasing the idiot, the fool, the person who would never be right for them. They sit quietly and watch them constantly get hurt.

So I ask you, what is the equation? Why is it that the person that someone goes for never wants them in return? Did I miss something in school?

Also, I wish my roommate would do his dishes.


  1. You may think that you're going for the right person, but it's just not the one. If you're really going for someone that is worth your time, they will be willing to offer you their attention. If they just want to be friends, than that's all they're worth to you. Once you meet someone who is worth being with, they will feel the same way. You just need to find someone who is good enough for you. That's easier said than done, but it usually happens when you least expect it :)

  2. That's what everyone says, and honest to God, I am tired of not expecting it. I expect to find someone that will make me a better person and will make me feel good about myself no matter the amount of money I make or the amount of hair on my body. I just had a rough couple weeks where I was told by two girls , who both told me that they were into me, just tell me otherwise so it wasn't bad. It was a growing experience but man my lucky just isn't there.