Saturday, January 7, 2012

Zombie Tip of the Day

As some of you know, the closer of my crew anyway, I am an avid zombie fanatic. I love the idea of an apocalypse of undead running through the streets and surviving it till the last one falls over from complete decay. And yes, they will decay if not nourished. They are still human and have the human genome and physiological makeup that if they don't eat, they will die. It's science. My science.

I figure, what I can do for you, my awesome fans, is present you with a few tips to make your end of days an easier, and slightly more enjoyable, route to take. Because let's face it, without guidance you can run into a few snags along the way. There's more to survival than trying to kill a zombie. What do you do when you run into humans who have lost the will to live? What if you run into those same set of survivors but they don't trust anyone but themselves, then you are in trouble. Ammo isn't always best. So, starting now, I will let you into my magnificant mind of zombie skills and a couple times a week present you with a tip. And these are in no particular order. I had these tips way before Zombieland.

Tip #1: Guns aren't always the best tool

Yes, it's true, a quick shot to the head and a zombie will drop. That has been proven in every movie possible and it just makes sense. But if you are months into your survival and are in a populated area, chances are you would be running low on ammo. That being said, you need to find other ways to keep yourself safe. Hopefully you can stomach what will happen because your combat is about to become close quarters. Find yourself a sturdy Louisville Slugger. That will rattle any brain. An axe would also be a great tool. Anything your two hands can wield. Or if you are a ninja, maybe there are other tools you find useful. If you are held up in a good shelter with enough supplies to make it for a while, save that ammo for any wandering LIVING humans who want to steal from you. Chances are that you will find it easier to get them to run away with a gun to their head than you would a zombie.

And. . .comment. Thoughts?


  1. Your general premise does make sense, but I feel it it assuming that the virus can't be contracted by contact with the infected blood. In such a case, a two handed melee weapon would likely put you in harms distance all to often, and a gun would help keep you further away, therefore further from harm.

  2. That's the problem though, melee weapons don't run out of ammo. Plus, how many of us out there are accurate shots. It might be a waste of ammo in some cases. You do make a good point. I do realize that closer combat does bring more danger but for me, as someone who only shoots gun in Halo, my accuracy is much deadlier with a closer weapon. You my friend, can join my survivor group when the end comes.