Friday, January 20, 2012

Zombie Tip - Useful Items for the First Few Days

It's the first few days, maybe even hours, since you have first heard of an outbreak. You have been told that it is containable, but you know the truth. You have played hours of Left 4 Dead and watched every zombie movie since the 1940s. So what's next? You prepare, but if everyone is freaking out it is going to be hard to get some of the essentials. That's what I am for. Since I am obviously a genius with zombie survival, I have compiled 10 useful tools and items to gather in the first few days of the final days. Please feel free to post some of your items you would love to have, as well.

Food & Water
I put this more towards the end since it really is kind of a no-brainer idea. Your body can last quite some time without food but you will need water. My family has huge 50-gallon tubs of water set aside, although I think they don't really expect to use it for a zombie apocalypse.

Frying Pan
Before you start laughing, realize that if you are stocking up on food, a frying pan can come in VERY useful. You can cook anything on it. I do. It works well as a weapon too.

Warm Clothing
Depending on where you live, you can never have enough warm clothing. There may be times when you are expected to live in the wilderness and if that is the case, there will be some cold nights ahead. Take a few minutes to evaluate your ensemble of dress and plan accordingly.

Tools or a Repair Kit
How many movies have we seen where something breaks down. A car, a generator, or even an electronic. Brush up on some of your common household items and especially your car. You never know when you are going to need to fix something bigger than a toaster.

First-Aid Kid
This should be on the top of your list. If someone gets bit, you won't be using this. You'll be using a weapon, but sometimes people can run into things, cut themselves, break a limp or get sick. Gather all the essential medical equipment you can/think you will need for the long road ahead. If all else fails, break into the hospital after everyone has been reanimated.

This one is an important one to me. Yes, in Left 4 Dead you will find that shooting a can of gasoline starts a huge fire and burns all the zombies. Not what I am going for here. Generators, cars, anything that you can run on gasoline will eventually run out! Stock up on it if you can. If you need to, siphon it out of other peoples cars. Chances are they are dead anyway.

Here, gasoline is helpful if you have a chainsaw. All of these things are kind of inclusive for me, besides the chainsaw, that is ideal but not always around.

As stated by Samwise Gamgee, you will always need a good rope. I won't even begin to lay down all the ways you will use a rope. Google it.

This isn't really take fire with you. You can't. Unless you’re a magician but instead keep a good flint in hand and a lighter if possible. If not, the flint will work and brush up on your Boy Scout fire creating techniques. I usually cheated at making the fire so I'm gonna have to go back and look at some stuff.

A Good Knife
Knifes have endless uses. Between that and a rope, you're probably set if you are MacGyver. You will always have need for a good, sharp knife whether it is killing an animal, attacking someone trying to steal your food, or splicing two wire together so you can start your car. Try to make it big. Make Rambo jealous.

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