Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zombie Tip of the Day: Can Your Heart Take It?

Before we talk about this tip, I would like to bring up that from the last tip, someone pointed out something that was not a clash of agreements but a very substantial point. It's true that melee weapons bring the combat up close and could cause easier sources of contamination. Now, I forgot about this, but what about a bow? I forgot that in the book I'm "writing" that one of the characters uses a compound bow since he was an avid hunter of more prolific game. Learn to use one of those. Easier to make ammo.

Now, moving on to the next tip. One thing I have learned in the years of contemplating and scrutinizing every zombie story out there is this: Become calloused. That's easy enough for me. I recently happened on a girl who I thought was "the one." I thought things were going really well and we could end up together. Come to find out it was not meant to be. Maybe I am bitter, but its taught me that people will eventually break your heart or go away from you. When you are stuck in the zombie apocalypse, you have to be able to kill anyone!

My family, and close friends, have asked if I would kill them if they got bit. I don't care if you got bit and are still a "human," you are going to turn and you have to be put down. Like a dog you've had for years but can no longer move on their own, you're doing them a favor. Family, friends, spouses, kids. . .it doesn't matter. You get bit, you gotta go!


  1. right on - i just told my wife last night while I was reading some zombie related material "I don't care if there is potential for a cure, you get bit, you go down. And yes, I will burn you, too."

  2. HA! oh my goodness that was probably the best thing I could have woken up to this morning. Did your wife understand and accept this or...did you have to sleep on the couch?

  3. First of all, I don't believe in a cure. Therefore it's actually more merciful to put them down before they get completely infected.

    1. Agreed. We know they're just going to turn on us inevitably. I may just put this information into my will and testament for my family.

  4. Other thing that goes with callousness: eating humans. Yes, eating humans. Fresh produce will run out, as you will be mobile (preferably) or locked up in a fortress. It will be difficult to produce vegetables and the like living either of those lifestyles. Meat will become tainted either through rot or through infection. The last supply of food will quickly become the humans that have survived, and you're going to have to get over that ethical barrier if you actually want to survive.

    A point about your previous tip: melee are a good choice because it's assumed zombies don't really feel pain. Shooting into a mass of zombies and just hitting arms and the like won't do the trick. It might slow them down if their foot is blown off, but they'll keep going. You need to stop their hearts, crush their brains, or damage their spines. Destroy the essential organs and parts of the bodies. Melee is good for this because it doesn't require a good aim to hit a shuffling zombie's head, as compared to popping off headshots with a gun.

  5. Oh this Alpha guy knows his stuff! Although, I'm hoping when I get up to my cabin that is isolated from the world I will just grow my own garden and eat all the cows at my uncles dairy farm. :) But you have my permission to eat me if you want. I probably will taste like wheat thins and nutella.