Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zombie Tip #Important - Surviving Survivors

I tend to scan the internet for survival tips on the end of days. I’m really not weird. I go on dates, albeit the never end up progressing farther than, “Hey I had a lot of fun tonight. We really should get together again." When a girl says that, it’s their code for “I’m looking for someone with a little more muscle, sorry. But hey, you have a good personality.” Besides that, I am normal.

More recently I saw a post saying to search for survivors once you have established your own surviving conditions. The person said drive to the edge of town and honk your car horn and see what comes running to you. If its zombies, you can just turn the other way. Yeah? Really? They won’t follow you since zombies NEVER tire and can run till their bodies just stop? That makes no sense, although the basic premise seems to be beneficial. I decided to break down a pros and cons list of this idea, the idea of looking for survivors.

  • Adding more people to your band of toughies.
  • Other survivors may have extra supplies, and even more supplies, which would help you stay strong.
  • Extra ammunition and, along those lines, more hands to harvest the dead.
  • Many hands make light work.
  • If you are going around the smaller towns, it could be fun just to go hunting. This allows for you to perfect your aim, or your swing. But always, ALWAYS, conserve ammo.

  • Chance of a survivor hiding a bite. A bad day just got a lot worse.
  • If you have been holding out for a while, you maybe have established some “guidelines” and bringing an outsider into the mix may cause for some unrest.
  • If you are a nomadic bunch on the road and you find another set of people, they may just want to kill you and steal all your stuff. Be wary of the road frequently traveled.
  • Anyone you find may have something hunting them. Do zombies hunt? Think about it.
  • This isn’t a con, but please, never honk your horn unless you have some elaborate plan. How many times must we watch a movie where someone goes around saying “hey! Is anyone there?” Inevitably, they are always the first ones to die. 
I was a little short on time and lost my paper with more. Got any more tips?

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  1. Yeah, that seems like a really bad idea. The chances of any of the "Pros" actually playing out seem pretty remote. Especially a person with more food and ammo than you joining you. did they get all that extra food and ammo? Oh, yeah, killing stupid people who honked their horn! I would love to believe in altruism during a zombie apocalypse, but the fact is people will have been extremely hardened by all the death around them. It will be every family for themselves.